TRADE YOUR OLDER FUR IN? Trade in your fur at Steven Corn Furs any time. You will receive a credit at the time of a new purchase within the store. Typically Trade-in Credit can be $100 to $1000 depending on what type of fur you have and its age and condition. We do not accept trade-ins towards accessories and pre-owned furs. SELL YOUR FUR? CONSIGNMENT MAY BE THE ANSWER FOR YOU WHILE AT THE SAME TIME YOU ARE RECYLING. You may bring your fur in our Paramus location and our management team at Steven Corn Furs will carefully examine your fur to see if it is suitable for resale. Please also understand we have strict guidelines when reviewing older furs for possible consignment. We DO NOT GUARANTEE we will take your fur in for consignment. Please note we DO NOT BUY any fur upfront. We do not take in antique furs. We are looking for furs that are in excellent condition and less than 20 years old. Please note that we DO NOT take in fur hats or accessories. We DO NOT take in torn and stiff furs including those furs that have damage. Once your fur is approved as a candidate for resale in our Consignment Shop you can consign and authorize your fur to be offered for resale with us and Steven Corn Furs will act as the broker. Typically commission values can be $50 to $$2000 depending upon your fur and its quality, age and overall condition. You will receive a commission payment based upon an agreed price according to the current resale market for furs. This commission will be paid only if your garment sells with us. If your garment does not sell with us we may ask you to pick it up or lower the price after 180 Days. Stop by our store for a free evaluation and see how our consignment program can work for you and receive more details on our program or call us at 201-599-1000.

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